No matter how fast paced you might be living your life in this moment, you need to know that just about anything can happen to you at times that you expect them the least. This is why part of your long-term plans must include getting your own health insurance plan. By paying premiums for a health insurance plan, you will no longer be the one solely paying for the medical bills of your serious health condition. The insurance company of your choice will also be sharing the burden of paying your medical bills in exchange for the premiums that you have been paying them for a long time. If you do not have any health insurance, then you might end up being the only one facing your financial issues all on your own. You see, having an insurance guarantees you that your finances will be protected. Health insurance is something that can come very handy when you are facing medical bills not just to pay for your own health condition bills in the hospital but also for the consequences of the health condition that your family members might be in. Always remember that when it comes to medical bills, they are very unpredictable. And so, you must be sure to be preparing yourself for a financial battle when the time comes that you will have to pay them for yourself as well as the people who depend on you - your family. When it comes to health insurance plans, you can choose between two of them. You have the group healthcare insurance plans or the one they call health sharing plans while you can also get the individual healthcare insurance plans, click here!


So, what are group healthcare insurance plans or health sharing plans?


Most of the time, a lot of people get healthcare insurance plans that are amenable to all members of the family even if some members of the family already have their own insurance at work. Health sharing plans are very beneficial and are also not that expensive compared with individual healthcare insurance plans. This can be obtained from your place of work where the employer will also be shouldering a portion of the cost of the healthcare insurance coverage that you are aiming for. There are some companies that only provide their employees with one particular kind of healthcare insurance plan while there are also companies that let their employees have a pick of their provider organization. Visit homepage here!



 The healthcare insurance plan of your choice will be valid as long as you are still part of the organization. If you go out of the company, then you can still retain them just as long as you will be the one shouldering the payment for its premiums. To read more about the benefits of health, go to


There are a lot of people who are getting sick and are not able to get the proper medical treatment or medication that they need because they can't afford it. We should know that there are also a lot of health care insurance that people are not able to afford and would not have the proper coverage that they need. It is important that we should be able to look for a proper health care plan so that we would be able to have some way to get the proper medication that we need. It would surely be difficult to get sick and not have a health care plan as it would surely cost us a lot of money. We should know that there are a lot of health care plans that we are able to get and one of those would be a health sharing plan. A health sharing plan is different from a health care insurance as it is something that is done by donating some money on a regular basis that would be shared by people who are also members of the same group. This health sharing plan would be able to help people with their medical expenses with the help of the money that is shared and are contributed by all of its members, view here for more facts!


There are certain restrictions in a health sharing plan and we should know that it is a faith-based ministry that would have different guidelines than health care insurances. We should know that people who are members of these health sharing plan should have a healthy lifestyle and should also quit their vices like smoking. People who have pre-existing health conditions are not also allowed to be in this plan as they may just exploit the benefits that they are going to get. There are programs that are meant for whole families and we should know that we can surely get a lot of benefit in having our whole family become members of this health sharing plan, check it out!



 Medical costs would surely be much more affordable with the help of this plan and that is why we should make sure that we are able to look for a ministry or a group in our area where we are able to have a health sharing plan. We can do some research online to get to know more about health sharing plans and the groups that offer them. For further details regarding health, visit


Nowadays, it has become very costly to access medical healthcare.  For this reason, people have come up with more affordable ways of paying their medical bills.  This is by joining health sharing plans which have been existing for several years.  These sharing plans are an alternative to the traditional health insurance that most people used to take.  However, due to the execution of the  ACA (Affordable Care Act), membership for the health sharing plans have gone down.  This is because ACA has a mandate to make people buy health insurance.  Other than that, health caring plans are quite cheaper than the insurance policies.  The following are facts about health sharing plans.


The health sharing plans at enable people to share medical costs.  Since most of them are non-profit making organizations, they normally pool together deposits from all members to pay for medical bills for the sick member.  This means that members usually pay their own costs for medical care though it's cheaper compared to health policy.  However, when the organization is faced with huge medical expenses, they usually contact the ministry for them to assist in sharing the medical bill among members.


It is also important to note that health sharing plans are not the same as health insurance nor do they provide insurance coverage.  What happens is that members are free to choose their medical providers.  The also negotiate for their charges and subsequently settle their own medical expenses.  However, the ministry is responsible for giving monetary assistance for treatment or procedures that are covered after they occur, check it out!


Subsequently, since health sharing plans do not offer minimal essential coverage as stipulated by the Affordable Care Act, they are not under any regulations by the state or federal law, to provide a certain coverage like the other health plans.  Also, a guarantee of coverage is not needed from them.  Additionally, if the health sharing plan becomes bankrupt, there are no laws for recovering the member's money.


In addition, these sharing plans normally don't cover pre-existing conditions.  Therefore, members who join while still undergoing treatment for a certain condition are not eligible for bills settlement.  However, when their treatment becomes a routine, the medical expenses can be paid using a graduated schedule of treatment. To get some facts about health, go to



Also, health sharing plans do not cover small expenses and costs of preventative care.  Preventative care includes costs incurred for tests and medical examinations such as colonoscopy.  They usually encourage members to live healthy lifestyles.